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Home > Research Articles > Research Into Prostate Patient Distress Urged

Research Into Prostate Patient Distress Urged

Saturday, July 6, 2002

Research Into Prostate Patient Distress Urged Health Media Ltd - July 05, 2002 The study's authors, from the University Hospital of Wales, aimed to determine the level of psychopathology, traumatic distress and quality of life among men with newly diagnosed, clinically localised prostate cancer. They wished to look at the effect of a consultation in a combined specialist early-prostate cancer clinic on these factors and also to determine predictors of psychopathology. Eighty-eight patients were quizzed about their psychological health and asked to complete a patient-satisfaction survey. The levels of psychopathology varied according to the type of scale used but ranged from 0 to 14 per cent. Generally, anxiety and traumatic stress symptoms were found to be more common than those indicating the presence of depression. Quality-of-life scores showed a relatively good level of functioning and pre-morbid factors and disease status did not predict psychological distress. Younger age was "mildly predictive" of poorer psychological functioning. Following a joint clinic appointment anxiety symptoms fell slightly but depressive symptoms showed a slight increase. "This study suggests that men with early localised prostate cancer have low levels of psychopathology overall," concludes the research. Research is needed to help develop guidelines regarding the best ways of offering help to men displaying signs of psychopathology, add the authors of the study which appears in BJU International. Reference: Bisson et al, BJU International 2002; 90: 56-61