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Home > Research Articles > HHS Awards $33.9 Million For Substance Abuse Treatment in HIV/AIDS Minority Communities

United States Department Of Helath and Human Services

Saturday, October 5, 2002

HHS Awards $33.9 Million For Substance Abuse Treatment in HIV/AIDS Minority Communities

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy G. Thompson today announced awards totaling $33.9 million to provide substance abuse treatment along with HIV/AIDS services in African-American, Latino-Hispanic, and other racial or ethnic communities that have been affected by the twin epidemics of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. The awards implement a Congressional directive that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) work to enhance the quality of services and expand capacity for substance abuse treatment programs in high risk communities of color that are impacted by both high rates of HIV/AIDS and serious substance abuse problems.

"These awards will help communities with both large numbers of people infected by HIV and large numbers addicted to alcohol and drugs," Secretary Thompson said. "By targeting our efforts in these communities, we are helping to develop local capacity to deal with these problems and stop the spread of HIV."

SAMHSA Administrator Charles G. Curie noted that "we know that minority communities are disproportionately suffering from the interrelationship between injection drug use and HIV. If we can reach drug users early enough, we may be able to prevent the scourge of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that are running rampant in many communities of color."

The approximately $33.9 million will fund 72 grants. Some $12 million of this total will fund 26 grants in metropolitan areas not previously funded under SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment TCE/HIV, or HIV Outreach grant announcements. The remaining $21.8 million will fund 46 grants in states and metropolitan areas with high rates of AIDS.

Grantees include:

Wright State University, Dayton, OH - $486,080 to address the addiction treatment needs primarily African American adult men and women with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, and members from Dayton's other communities of color.

The Crossroads Center, Cincinnati, OH - $499,700 to expand and enhance current treatment services at its 12 community-based sites.

Mexican American Alcoholism Program, Sacramento, CA - $500,000 to expand and enhance Sacramento's substance abuse and HIV/AIDS systems of care for high-risk, high-need, and low-income people.

University of Houston, San Antonio, TX - $499,788 to expand current treatment capacity by 100% and enhance the existing community network of service providers.

Austin Travis County Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Austin, TX - $474,070 to expand and enhance the Journey Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

Personalized Nursing LIGHT House, Inc., Detroit, MI - $500,000 to enhance the existing accredited substance abuse IOP by adding integrated care.

Community Health Awareness Group, Detroit, MI - $499,494 to expand outreach and engagement, residential treatment, and after-care services.

African American Health Coalition, Inc., Portland, OR - $500,000 to enhance treatment and counseling, and expand linkages to HIV testing, case management, and resource and referral information.

Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation (SHAR), Inc., Detroit, MI - $500,000 to expand 14 new treatment beds and services beyond those currently available.

Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo, NY - $500,000 to improve and integrate outreach in the community and engage high-risk individuals not currently receiving care or frequently absent from care.

Community Drug Board, Akron, OH - $499,822 to expand services to serve an additional 50 people per year.

The Lasima Foundation, Inc., Dallas, TX - $500,000 to enhance community outreach by adding outreach workers and case managers and expand treatment by adding 60 new slots.

Hope Action Care, San Antonio, TX - $500,000 to expand the number of HIV+ African American and Hispanic participants in its recovery program and enhance the drug screening, detox, psychiatric evaluations, and methadone maintenance programs.

Asian Association of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT - $500,000 to expand substance abuse treatment services to serve 60 additional clients per year and enhance services by including an intensive HIV outreach component.

The Empowerment Program, Inc., Denver, CO - $250,564 to expand and enhance current substance abuse treatment services to 500 people over five years.

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - $499,710 to enhance the Teen Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug Diversion Programs.

Tapestry Health Systems, Springfield, MA - $500,000 to expand services into Springfield's Sound End neighborhood and enhance existing services in the downtown neighborhood. AIDS Arms, Inc., Dallas, TX - $500,000 to expand outreach contacts, HIV testing and counseling, HIV/AIDS referrals and treatment slots at AIDS Arms and Turtle Creek Manor.

Volunteers of Kentucky, Louisville, KY - $495,808 to enhance existing substance abuse services and increase access to those services.

Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indianapolis, IN - $453,444 to enhance the number of individuals with easier access to treatment services.

Duke University, Durham, NC - $499,998 to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment to include the treatment of 400 additional patients over the next five years.

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., Sarasota, FL - $339,470 to expand services to reach 6,240 new persons during the funded period and existing services will be enhanced to serve 1,300 persons.

Kern County Economic Opportunity Corporation, Bakersfield, CA - $250,426 to expand the HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program by offering prevention education and testing.

Ebony House, Inc., Phoenix, AZ - $483,627 to enhance and expand the present street and community outreach efforts, interventions, and offer counseling and testing.

New North Citizens' Council, Inc., Springfield, MA - $490,960 to enhance community-based and home outreach and facilitate the access of an additional 750 participants into treatment.

Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium, Charlotte, NC - $283,848 to provide enhanced substance abuse support to case managers.

Family and Medical Counseling Service, Inc., Washington, DC - $500,000 to enhance and support outreach and substance abuse treatment services.

Unity Health System, Rochester, NY - $500,000 to enhance pilot community-based outreach program and comprehensive substance abuse services.

Philadelphia Health Management, Philadelphia, PA - $486,600 to expand and enhance current capacity to conduct street outreach and pre-treatment services.

SHIELDS for Families Project, Inc., Los Angeles, CA - $499,415 to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS services.

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - $499,887 to enhance outreach, treatment, and HIV/AIDS services.

University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco, CA - $482,427 to expand the existing outreach program and enhance substance abuse treatment program.

Wycoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY - $496,627 to enhance services while doubling the number of patients.

Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs, Inc., Downey, CA - $500,000 to expand residential treatment slots to 20 and enhance treatment programming.

The Foundation for Research on Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Inc., New York, NY - $499,952 to create and implement a mobile outreach, engagement, and integrated treatment.

VIP Community Services, Inc., Bronx, NY - $500,000 to enhance current substance abuse treatment and outreach services.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL - $451,174 to expand and enhance the capacity to provide psychiatric and substance use assessment and treatment.

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, CA - $495,685 to enhance HIV-specific substance abuse services.

Special Health Resources for Texas, Inc., Longview, TX - $251,022 to increase treatment capacity by 120 clients and provide a dual diagnosis counseling.

The Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery/Village, St. Croix, U.S., V.I. - $499,940 to expand and enhance the Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery/Village current comprehensive continuum of intervention and treatment services.

Boston Public Health Commission, Boston, MA - $500,000 to enhance and integrate the quality and intensity of services based on existing service needs and lessons learned from past experience.

Rio Grande Valley Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Edinburg, TX - $498,578 to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment services to a primarily Hispanic population.

Serving Children and Adolescents in Need, Inc., Laredo, TX - $450,000 to enhance and expand an outpatient substance abuse treatment program.

The Fortune Society, Inc., New York, NY - $500,000 to expand ambulatory outpatient substance treatment program.

West Texas Council, El Paso, TX - $500,000 to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention program with evidenced based interventions.

Broward House, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL - $499,792 to expand intervention and case management services.

The Center for Drug-Free Living, Inc., Orlando, FL - $500,000 to expand and strengthen treatment services for people with substance abuse/co-occurring disorders.

River Region Human Services, Inc., Jacksonville, FL - $500,000 to expand and enhance the agency's existing services.

Bienvenidos Children's Center, Inc., Altadena, CA - $500,000 to expand and enhance recovery and HIV/AIDS treatment services.

Latino Health Institute, Inc., Boston, MA - $499,999 to expand services to Latino IDUs in Boston.

Greater Bridgeport Adolescent Pregnancy Program, Inc., Bridgeport, CT - $474,023 to expand and enhance comprehensive outreach services.

COPE Behavioral Services, Inc., Tucson, AZ - $500,000 to enhance street outreach and treatment retention services.

The Village South, Miami, FL - $499,866 to expand and enhance an intensive in-home treatment program.

Integrated Life Center, Inc., Decatur, GA - $500,000 to enhance services through the development of an outreach component.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL - $482,241 to expand existing outreach, service engagement, and risk reduction services.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, AIDS Administration, Baltimore, MD - $492,880 to enhance the capabilities of the substance abuse treatment programs offered through the drug court.

Project Cope, Lynn, MA - $323,688 for treatment for injection drug users and men who have sex with men.

Mount Sinai, Harlem, NY - $500,000 for family-focused outpatient treatment for African Americans and Latinos.

Human Resources Development, IL (program site, Bolivar, MS) - $495,179 for residential treatment for African Americans.

Latino Health Institute, Boston, MA - $499,999 - for outreach to Latino injection drug users.

Special Audiences, Newark, NJ - $398,158 - for outreach to African American adolescents.

AIDS Interfaith Network, New Haven, CT - $475,000 - for outpatient treatment for African American women.

Assoc. de Puertoriquenos, Phhiladelphia, PA - $500,000 - for treatment for Latina ex-offenders.

North Jersey Community, Newark, NJ - $499,998 - for street-level outreach for African Americans and Latinos.

Gaudeniza, Baltimore, MD - $499,946 - to focus on a criminal justice population of African American and Latino injection drug users.

Universidad Central del Caribe, Bayamon, PR - $500,000 - to outreach to women. East Orange Substance Abuse Treatment Program, East Orange, NJ - $481,733 - for residential women's treatment.

Miriam Hospital, Providence, RI - $467,864 - to provide a methadone program for injection drug users.

Brandywine Counseling, Wilmington, DE - $468,366 - for expansion of treatment slots for African Americans and Latinos.

San Mateo County Health, San Mateo, CA - $450,291 - to provide linkage to treatment for African Americans and Latinos.

Brotherhood, Inc., New Orleans, LA - $500,000 - for expanded treatment of African Americans.

Coastal Family Health Center, Biloxi, MS - $252,969 - for substance abuse treatment and early HIV prevention and intervention for African American men.